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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> i'm carl shannon i run a business here in san francisco. it's with huge pleasure that i get to welcome i here on this historic day on many fronts. hundreds of people who are not here have been involved in making this promise a reality and i'm grateful to all of. you. i want to thank mayor lee and china founder and chairman and the projects architect of architect company. i'd like to (clapping)
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to say thank you to all of the supervisors and specifically to jane kim who is the district supervisor. we've had several changes of people who have been involved in the past and present. thank you to the planning commission and to those members of the commission including michael and a special thanks to john ram who's done a outstanding job and the d b i staff they're here today. we live in an circlely special time and this neighborhood has exchanged dramatically in the passing last couple of years. it's really a pleasure to see the vision of creating the housing near housing and transit
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nearby downtown. i get a introduce the ceo to talk about our partnership >> thank you carl. first and for most i want to thank mayor lee for coming here on all days a day that will go down as a landmark event. we are proud to be doing business here for two decades. we feel very much at the home we've been we would by the business community and we feel we're part of the fabric of this great city. today, we're celebrating